The Adult Easter Egg Hunt

The kids are happy – but what about the adults?

We originally wanted to write a blog about the best ways to enjoy Easter at home.  But these ‘best ways’ generally entail lots of work by the adults to cook, buy copious amounts of chocolate and arrange challenging Easter egg hunts. We wanted to design an Easter Egg hunt for the adults.

With lockdown easing and the need to start wearing real, non-elasticised clothing we thought that instead of chocolate we would hide some virtual Easter eggs on the binary website and live a little lighter with binary!

The birth of the digital Easter Egg

One of the first known software Easter Eggs was the Atari 1979 arcade game . A particular combination of keystrokes triggered the message “Hello Ron’ to pop-up.  This was decades before virtual Easter Eggs were well-known. I think it’s fortunate that no-one at that time ever found this rather ominous sounding message.   

Fast forward to today and there are hundreds of Easter eggs hidden in films, software and games. The best ones have entire wiki pages dedicated to them.  

Here are the top 5 software /digital Easter eggs as judged by Team binary:

Best Easter egg for when you have no signal

We all hate a dodgy phone signal, but we love the Google Chrome Dinosaur. As we start getting back onto trains with intermittent signal or those boring few minutes before flight take-off, you can keep yourself entertained by navigating the dinosaur over various obstacles. It’s so addictive, that you may not even notice when you are in WIFI range again.

Best Easter Egg when you are searching for the answer to everything  

As we all know – programmers tend to have an interest in science fiction and fantasy.  Ask Google what the answer is to “life, the universe and everything”.  The answer?  For all the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fans, it helpfully calculates it as 42.  A Google Map street view of Earls Court shows where the Tardis is currently parked if you would prefer to ask Dr Who for the answer to life, the universe and all.

Best Easter Egg when you cannot decide what movie to watch

Short detour when you are hunting for a good movie to watch on IMDB or having endless debates in the family on what to watch. The film Spinal Tap is the only film which is rated out of 11 not 10.  It apparently links to a phrase in the movie where they turn the volume on an amplifier up to 11.   This makes its actual rating (7.9) slightly less impressive.

Best Easter Egg when you are bored or would like to chat

Tired of scrolling mindlessly through Facebook? You can tell Google “I’m feeling curious” and get a random fact of the day.  Mac users can have a conversation with a virtual therapist by following the steps here: 

Best Easter Egg when you still want an actual Easter Egg

Cadburys have taken it a step further by combining real chocolate and a virtual Easter Egg hunt by hiding Cadbury eggs in various locations on Google Maps.  You can win chocolate for yourself or you could use it as light entertainment on Easter to celebrate virtually with family members.  

Best Easter Egg when you love binary

At Team binary – we are not skilled enough to make virtual therapists or provide dinosaur entertainment when the website is slow.  But we did have a bit of fun hiding some Easter eggs on the website. 

We have hidden 7 coupons on the website. Each coupon which will give you a free binary gift and you can redeem 1 or all the coupons in your next order.  There is no limit to how many coupons you can use on a single order.   Gifts include serviettes, bottle openers, beer and more.  Happy hunting and all the T’s and C’s on the website.

Happy Easter,



4 thoughts on “The Adult Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Ronnie Calderwood-Duncan says:

    I can only find 6……I’ve been looking everywhere (obvs not enough though) 😬

    1. Danielle Bekker says:

      I think I know which one you haven’t found – one of them is just the code not an Easter egg picture …. happy hunting!!!

  2. Kim Cotton says:

    Finally found all 7! I can confirm that all 7 have an Easter Egg picture with the code. Fab; thanks Binary Botanical! Some of them were embedded well!

    1. bnradmin says:

      Glad you enjoyed it !! We are planning our next virtual treasure hunt 🙂

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