One for you and one for the planet

Using lockdown to explore a few ways to live a little lighter this 2021

Our plans for a brighter January in 2021 have proven more challenging than we may have expected. With hopes of a vaccination, and a final farewell to COVID-19 and the Zoom meetings and repetitive yelling of “You’re on mute” gone forever…

…and then the second strain hit us, along with Lockdown 3.0.

But, we are not that easily shaken. And, Binary friends, we are a positive bunch – turning to the bright side and clinging to that silver lining all we can.

If we’re going to take any positives from the pandemic, it’s gotta be the positive effects for the planet, of which there are a few. Let’s use these to inspire us to take on a similar mindset, doing good for the planet, and also ourselves as well.

An act of kindness, whilst memorable, does not have to be some great act of grandeur. It can be something as simple as an exchange of a smile as you pass a stranger on the street (or a sm-eyes if masked up, that’s a smile with your eyes, if you didn’t know….).

Committing to multiple resolutions, if January 2020 has taught us anything, isn’t something we’re going to be doing. However making some lifestyle changes and small attempts to act a little more consciously in our day-to-day is very much achievable. Here are a few ideas for you to try to give back a little to the planet, and do a little for you too.

If you’re less familiar with Binary, our beer is brewed with sustainability at the core, using hop leaves (which otherwise go to waste) to create a uniquely tangy taste, preferred by those who choose wine over beer and loved by individuals who seek to live lighter.

Your level of lighter living may be something as simple as a switch of meat for veg one day a week, or something as grand as a complete lifestyle change and cultural overhaul – but – whichever one you choose, it is totally fine. It’s doing SOMETHING that matters.

So, which actions are you going to take, to help promote positive change for self and for the planet? One for you, and one for the planet.

A few small changes for maximum impact (and fun of course)

These little actions can lead to big, cultural changes. We saw this recently in a number of ways:

  1. The pandemic may have created one of the best years for sustainable fashion
  2. A record was set for the most green power ever created in Britain in one day
  3. Carbon emissions have been lower than ever before during the pandemic

A huge cheers is certainly needed to that!

In the midst of Lockdown 2.0 we had a look at the 17 UN Sustainability goals and had a think about what we could do at home during lockdown as mere individuals who also need a distraction from all the negativity surrounding COVID. We chose 4 of the goals and came up with 4 ways we could apply these at home in our lockdown comfort clothing:

  1. Look after yourself
  2. Live lighter at home
  3. Less taste more waste
  4. Champion trailblazers

If we have learned anything from 2020 it’s that we can and should take better care of ourselves and the planet, so we are offering 10 easy (and delicious) ways for you to live-lighter. And a fun way to see if any of them might suit you enough to become a habit.

Join the Binary team and share your steps to improve quality of life for yourself and for the planet by tagging us on social media.

We hope you enjoy them and we would love to know which ones you enjoyed the most or what you would like to see next as we try and Supercharge our 2021 to be lighter and brighter.



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