What is binary

Our wine-lovers beer is made for Worcester sourced hop leaves. The leaves are normally thrown away. This gives the beer a tangy rather than bitter taste. Its a great moderation alternative to a glass of prosecco while being eco and British.

It is called “binary” because hop leaves grow on a bine. Our alcoholic version is binary 1 and our non-alcoholic version is binary 0.

Nutritional Information

(per 100ml)
binary 1
(4% abv)
binary 0
(0.5% abv)
Protein (g)0.50.1
Fat (g)< 0.1 < 0.1
Sugar (g)< 0.1 < 0.1
Calories (kCal)36 18
Carbohydrates (g)2.2 3.6
ABV (%)4 0.5
Units of alcohol0.4 0.05

flavour profile

High intensity of tropical fruit flavours including passion fruit, white peach, guava, gooseberries and a slight grapefruit aroma. These are followed by hints of elderflower, rosemary, pepper and with a delicate sweetness balanced by the astringency of the hop leaves.


White Peach

White peach





Green pepper

Green pepper



What makes binary
the wine-lovers' beer

Beer reimagined

A new style of beer crafted for wine-lovers.

Organic Hop leaf

Brewed with a wine yeast and infused with the normally discarded hop leaves. Other peoples waste is our treasure.

Tangy and aromatic

The organic hop leaf infusion gives an aromatic and tangy rather than bitter taste to a light refreshing beer.

Brewed for food

binary pairs well with food and is a delicious mixer for some easy-to-make cocktails.


Just like making tea, how we brew the leaves has a big impact on the final  flavour.  We add 9 leaves to every 250ml for our signature taste.

All our hop leaves are harvested in Worcester.  The hop cones and leaves are harvested together and then separated for drying.