Meat-free burgers reviewed

The binary team reviews Sainsbury’s meat-free options

It is a truth universally acknowledged, regardless of your diet, that burgers are an extraordinary creation. Whether your bun is soft or toasted, your toppings limited or loaded, your fries curly or French, the main event we all love, is the burger itself. Now, for vegetarians and vegans alike, the evolution of meat-free burgers has certainly been tumultuous; the burgers trying but not quite succeeding to be meat, the dry burgers, the bland burgers and the overall disappointing burger. So, let us save you some time! The Binary team have tried and tested a range of meat-free burgers and, though contested over some opinions, we have determined the following ratings from worst to best

McDon’t Bother Burgers…

A recent poll on our Instagram told us that 68%, of those who voted, preferred meat-free burgers that taste veggie, as opposed to those that taste like meat; within the Binary team, we were divided. Where we all agreed was that everyone hates the ones trying to taste like meat and miss the mark.

McDon’t Bother Burgers – the worst options out there

This is how Richmond Meat-Free Burgers landed on the bottom of the leader board.: failing the texture test and taste test altogether. If you want a veggie burger, this isn’t the one, if you want a meaty burger…this isn’t the one. Richmond Meat Free Burgers Star Rating *

Quorn Vegetarian Southern Style Burgers also rank low, but it’s important to note these mimic more of a breaded chicken burger than a beef burger, so that could be a bonus if that’s what you’re after. Other reviewers also seem to have noted they are a little bland…spicy mayo anyone? Quorn Vegetarian Southern Style Burgers Star Rating: **

Five Guys? Not Quite Five Stars

Moving up the leader board a little, Taste and Glory Meat Free Vegan Burgers are juicy and getting closer to the right texture of meat, but oversalted and visually not quite right. Thus, we wouldn’t recommend these to people more partial to a veggie burger, nor really to those wanting a match for meat. Taste and Glory Meat Free Vegan Burgers Star Rating: ***

Not quite five stars – our middle of the pack meat free burgers

Rather more dry than Taste and Glory, we have the Plant Pioneers No Beef Burgers They’re also described as ‘chewy’, which can only be reminiscent of an overdone beef burger – not the type of meaty we’re after. Having done a little digging to see how our scores measure up with Sainsbury’s shoppers, it seems we all concur. Middling ratings. Mediocre ‘it’ll do’ attitude in customer reviews for Plant Pioneers. One actually described them as akin to McDonald’s burgers, which perhaps isn’t an advert for a great, meaty, juicy burger – as those of you who’ve tasted a Big Mac will know. Plant Pioneers No Beef Burgers Star Rating: ***

Pile on the toppings with the Meatless Farm Meat Free Burgers because, while better than many others, the texture is still not a winner, and the slightly fake smokiness reminds you it’s not the real deal. Perhaps some onions, mushrooms and BBQ sauce can hide the shortcomings of this one? The hunt for a beef burger alternative continues! Meatless Farm Meat Free Burgers Star Rating: ***

Meat-Free Burger Kings

Meat-free burger kings – the best of the bunch

And the finalists are: Moving Mountains Plant-Based Sausage Burgers and Beyond Meat Plant-Based Burger Patties. While Moving Mountains may not be beef reborn, it is decidedly meaty and satisfies a craving for a sausage muffin. Beyond Meat on the other hand have succeeded in recreating both the texture and flavour of beef burgers. But there’s a catch…it comes at a cost.

Searching for a meat-free burger can be trying, but Beyond Meat is a deserving champion for a meat free treat; no more dry, fake-meaty-tasting burgers to ruin the experience you’re craving, just take a bite and it oozes with flavour. If, however, you are a fan of a sausage breakfast muffin, Moving Mountains may be perfect for you!

What a burger!

Having explored this plethora of meat-free burger options, there are definitely some common, rather unpleasant themes in the disappointing candidates – dry, chewy, off-putting texture. Hopefully, you can now avoid some of those! If you’re more of a veggie burger lover and want to see us review some more of those products, head over to our Instagram or Facebook and drop us a comment – we always read them and love to know what you want to see. The Beyond Meat patty though…what a burger! You can buy everything we reviewed from Sainsburys.

If we have left out some of your favourites – let us know we would love to taste!


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