How to create lighter (and tastier) prosecco alternative cocktails

Woohoo! It’s time to celebrate – grab the bubbles!

Nothing says ‘hooray!’ quite like a flute of something fancy.  With the end of lockdown in sight, resist the temptation to fill your fridge with fizz to celebrate.

We’re all partial to a tipple, but everything in moderation as they say. So, we’ve put together some options that are more health focused, less alcohol laden, and still equally as fun for family reunions and soirees with friends.  All our creations are easy to make in minutes, have low or no sugar and under 100 calories. We would argue that they are even tastier then the original. We may be biased, so we’ll let you be the judge of that…

Mimosa twist

Sunday brunch and sunny weather calls for a refreshing mimosa. Although classically crafted with an orange juice base, you ‘pineapple on pizza’ type people might prefer pineapple as an accompaniment to the fizz in this bev.

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could even try making your own syrup with a jam of your choosing and some apple cider vinegar. Sounds weird, tastes delicious – trust us!

Of course, we’ve switched out the usual prosecco topping for a splash of binary (0.5% or 4% will work). The zesty citrus flavours complement the tangy taste of binary.

Spritz twist

Nothing says summer like an Aperol spritz.   Big glasses, lots of ice and sitting outside in the garden.  Our prosecco spritz twists only require slicing some fruit and cutting some fresh herbs.  During spring, add fresh cucumber and rosemary to binary for a herbal lift, whilst orange and fresh mint work wonders for an all-day summer vibe.  None of the spritz recipes call for any added sugar. If you want a bit of sweetness add some sugar syrup or elderflower cordial and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime for good measure!

Bellini twist

We toyed with calling this one the ‘Bell-inary’, but it didn’t have much of a ring to it (bell – get it? Ok we’ll stop…).

Bellini’s are normally made with fresh peach puree.  But if, like us, this is just a bit more effort than you are prepared to invest for a casual afternoon cocktail, try a passion fruit twist.  Most of us have a a dusty bottle of passion fruit cordial somewhere in their cupboard and now is the thyme (we couldn’t resist, sorry!)  to put it to good use.   

Rossini twist

Did you know, the ‘Rossini’ was named after an Italian composer?

Perfect for a late afternoon cocktail, this terrific classic swaps in fresh strawberry puree for the peaches mixed into the classic Bellini. If you don’t feel like using your Nutribullet to make a puree, chopped or mashed strawberries work equally as well.  This counts as one of your 5-a-day, right? We think so! Binary loves anything berry based so swap strawberries for any other berries of your choosing, and if it’s a tad too tart, a dash of elderflower will work wonders.

Get creative

BBQs and picnics are certainly some of our favourite occasions to drink a glass of binary or two. We think these cocktails will make the perfect addition to any garden gathering you may be hosting this summer. Stock up on ice and get ready for the sun to peak out and have those celebratory prosecco alternative cocktails at the ready.

What other cocktails have you created with our delicious binary beverages? We’d love to share some of your recipes on our next blog! Grab some binary here and share your shaken (or stirred) recipes with us. Drop us an email, comment on the blog below or tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

Cheers to celebrating with friends and family!


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