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Food is life – but cooking takes up half of it!

As you already know, we love food here at Binary – that’s why we created it! Brewed for food, we like to say, and there are countless recipes we could recommend for you to try pairing with it. But we know you pretty well, and we also know you don’t always want to slave over the stove for dinner, nor for an ideal pairing with your Binary, so we’d like you to make the acquaintance of our new friends at Planty (who are offering you a little gift later on)! As we have tried to embrace more meat-free options we have tried the various meal kits available. Gusto, Mindful Chef and Hello Fresh. Ready-made meals well always have that slightly processed feel and taste about them.

Planty deliver chef-made, veganmeals directly to your door, so all you have to do is pop your meal in the oven or microwave, pour your glass of Binary and enjoy! We’ve tried and tested, so we can recommend the ideal pairings. But first, we’ll let you in on a few food pairing secrets.

Pairing beer and food: throw away the style guide

Beer and food pairing can seem a maze, often overcomplicated and almost inaccessible to anyone but a connoisseur – let us simplify it for you.

McDon’t Bother Burgers – the worst options out there

Beer and food pairings follow the same logic as wine pairings. Think about the intensity of the food, the flavours and the aromas in both the food and the beer. Note the dominant flavours in your beer, for example Binary is often described as fruity and tropical, with key notes of grapefruit and pomegranate. Once you have your beer tasting profile, decide whether you want the flavours to work synergistically (to elevate a particular flavour experience) or to contrast one another (like chilli and chocolate).

Planty and Binary…the duos worth tasting

Everyone knows curry and beer are a natural pair, so Planty’s “Not-a-Chicken Tikka Masala” paired with a glass of chilled Binary is an obvious, and tasty, choice. The cold beer contrasts the spice and, after every sip, cleanses the palate allowing the curry to newly excite the taste buds with each bite. As Binary is not a bitter beer, it really cools the tongue and marries spicy dishes beautifully, so another perfect pair would be Planty’s “BBQ Banana Blossom Burrito”!

Not quite five stars – our middle of the pack meat free burgers

If you favour a warming pasta dish, you’ll love Planty’s “Polpette Alfredo”, with a creamy sauce and meatballs for that comfort food feel; Binary here really juxtaposes the richness of the sauce with its lightness and citrusy notes. Pasta and beer: let’s make it a thing! Certainly a duo worth tasting…

For the cooking fiends among you

Meat-free burger kings – the best of the bunch

Planty’s Head Chef Joe has revealed his recipe for a winter-warming pie, which he recommends pairing with Binary; the slightly sparkling low-alcohol beer creates a smooth, rich flavour with a slight sweetness. Perfect to cook with and drink with according to Joe (who’s got a Michelin-star background)!

The delectable pie recipe is at the end (we like to keep you in suspense). Joe also recommends pairing his go-to Mushroom Udon Broth with the Binary Botanical’s pear-and-ginger cocktail box. This drink matches well with the aromas of the broth including the lemongrass and kaffir-lime leaf alongside its umami flavours. Now you know your stuff when it comes to pairing food and beer, impress your partner, friend or family with one of the tasty recipes we recommend!

What a burger!

Having explored this plethora of meat-free burger options, there are definitely some common, rather unpleasant themes in the disappointing candidates – dry, chewy, off-putting texture. Hopefully, you can now avoid some of those! If you’re more of a veggie burger lover and want to see us review some more of those products, head over to our Instagram or Facebook and drop us a comment – we always read them and love to know what you want to see. The Beyond Meat patty though…what a burger! You can buy everything we reviewed from Sainsburys.

If we have left out some of your favourites – let us know we would love to taste!


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