Don’t drink your calories!

Swap calories not flavour and enjoy guilt free indulgence

Everyone loves a good cocktail or drink to go with their food. While they are all delicious they vary wildly in their calorie content. So how do you go about choosing your drink and watching the calories?

  1. Choose lower alcohol drinks – alcohol contains roughly 7 calories per gram compared to  carbohydrates at 4 calories per gram which makes alcohol twice as fattening as carbohydrates 
  2. Choose drinks with no added sugar – a lot of cocktails have a lot of added sugar – either from fruit (e.g. daquiri) or from sugar syrup (e.g. margarita).
  3. Choose drinks with no artificial sweeteners – some tonics swap the sugar for artificial sweeteners which can impart a metallic taste to your favourite drinks

Luckily with the explosion in innovation in lower alcohol drinks and lower sugar cordials – there is a much broader range than there ever was before to re-create some of your favourite drinks guilt free. See some of our low calorie cocktail twists for inspiration.

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