Frequently Asked

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It’s called binary for two reasons, the more obvious being that hop leaves grow on a bine and less obviously it references the 1 and 0 number system which links to our all or nothing beliefs on quality. It conveys the sense of useful science that we rely on to make sure that our beer tastes great consistently, travels well and is better for you than alternatives.

Grapes grow on a vine, hops grow on a bine. Bines are the flexible stems of the hop plant which twist and wrap themselves around a support structure as they grow an impressive 3 – 6 metres each season.

Hops are a wonderful thing – the spice of beer, the magic ingredient which provides flavour, bitterness and protection against spoilage. Before hops were used in beer, brewers experimented with many different herbs including bog myrtle, yarrow, heather, ginger, juniper berries…. basically anything that could be locally sourced.

We think it's time to re-introduce some of that botanical variety into our ales – starting with the hop leaf.

Leaves play an important role in our culinary experiences. We eat them, we infuse them and drink them in tea. Hop leaves are no different – they are what give binary its unique flavour.

We add the hop leaves during fermentation where they are infused for a minimum of 5 days.

There are many different varieties of hops available. We source our organic hops in Worcester and we have selected two English varieties Sovereign and First Gold both bred in 1995 at Wye College in the UK. We chose to use organic hops leaves to ensure no negative impact of harmful chemicals on the leaves we use to infuse our products.

You cannot get drunk by drinking binary 0.5. Many things we consume daily contain higher trace amounts of alcohol than binary 0.5. For example an over-ripe banana, fresh orange juice or a piece of rye bread. Under European guidelines, 0.5% is classed as alcohol-free.

No, binary is gluten free. We use an Enzyme which breaks down gluten and each batch is tested to ensure it is Gluten Free

Yes, there is less than 0.1gm sugar per 100ml.

Yes, we are proudly vegan and registered with The Vegan Society.