Dry Jan Cocktail Competition Judges

We’re delighted to introduce our esteemed judges who will be helping us judge our Dry January Cocktail Competition.




Marco Nardi – Restaurant General Manager at L’ortolan restaurant, Marco is a passionate and experienced Sommelier with an ambition to continuously improve the exquisite fine dining experience.
Laura Laura Willoughby MBE – Co-founder of Club Soda – the UK’s first online guide for mindful drinkers – the best low and no alcohol drinks, and the venues where you can find them.
frida Dr Frieda Derhmann – Finlays Group Head Advanced Analytical Science Sensory and Processing. Seasoned beer taster who has judged in several global beer competitions including the world beer cup. SABMiller Global Beer taster of the year out of 1600 qualified beer tasters. International beer competition judge.
James James Purcell Lacey – Bar Manager at Coppa Club – Currently ranked in the Diageo World Class GB Top 100 and creator of a range of delicious cocktails.