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Vote with your money  

‘We think the answer is simple.   Vote with your money – the most powerful incentive of all’

Anne – Good Living Brew

We have seen this being played out in the lo and no alcohol space.  Retailers and restaurants have been slow to react to consumers desire for moderation which has resulted in an exponential increase in direct-to-consumer sales for many brands in this space.  Consumers are finding and choosing what they want direct from the brands they want to support. But choosing which brands to support from a sustainability point of view can be daunting especially when there are so many different aspects to sustainability.

But, just like its helpful to make friends with the diligent student at school who always does their homework and knows which classes to attend – there are amazing start-ups and businesses trying to address all these issues.   

  1. Download the GIKI app and shop differently

The first is GIKI app which helps you find more sustainable and healthy products in your weekly shop.  You can scan the barcode, see where it sits on different sustainability metrics and see what other options might be available.   We think that’s pretty cool.   Love it or hate it the traffic light system on food products made people more aware of their choices and we think this can help people think about the different trade-offs offered by different products.

2. Pick the cause you are most passionate about

The word sustainability can mean so many different things to different people.  I might think of it as reducing our carbon footprint but for someone else this is about protecting our biodiversity or championing human rights.  Look at the different GIKI badges, think about the things that are most important to you and focus on that. 

3. Visit local farmers markets, discovery something new and support small

This is often where start-ups test out their ideas.  Small start-ups tend to be founded by people trying to solve a problem that they feel other people have not addressed – a vegan chocolate, a savoury snack bar, insect-based flour – the list is endless.  It’s a great way to see the innovation that is taking place. 

4. Find online stores selling artisanal products

 One of the wonderful things about binary has been discovering all these small brands doing amazing things.  If you are looking for new brands place head over to or  or any other artisanal food and drink store.  And, as we know from binary, every 16 weeks Sainsburys selected new brands doing for their Taste of the Future bay.

5. Sustainability as a treat

We were asked about the cost of sustainability and how we compete against brands that don’t hold the same sustainability ethos.  Innovative, sustainable products particularly in their early years don’t have the scale and cost optimisation of bigger brands.  Again, just like a treat, pick those you would like to see more of and support them until they grow in scale and appeal.

Happy exploring and if you find anything particularly innovative we would love to hear.



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