The story behind
our wine-lovers' beer

Live Lighter philosophy

Binary was created from a desire to eat and drink lighter and to minimise our impact on the planet. We love the fact that a waste product can also taste so delicious! We love chatting about all things sustainability related.

About Us
The inspiration behind binary

The inspiration for binary came out of wanting to have a beer with food.  We love beer but would normally switch to wine to have with a meal.  But this is a really poor choice…. switching to something which is higher in alcohol and so the idea was born  to  develop a new style of beer which can drunk out of a wine glass with a meal by and can make delicious low calorie cocktails.


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Meet The Team


Brewer and box packer

Danielle loves all things food and drink related – which means that when she isn’t brewing delicious beer she has to run.  Many hours of box packing have meant that she can now beat her daughter in an arm wrestle.  This is true success.


Sketch and market master

Some of you will know him well. Dave is everyone’s favourite farmers market person.  When he isn’t there all we here is ‘its nice to see you but when will Dave be back’.  When he isn’t at markets he is creating our beautiful sketches.  He takes requests so please don’t be afraid to get in touch!



Creator of delicious cocktails and recipes featuring binary.  If you want to know anything about wine, fine-dining or Italian highlights speak to Marco.   If you have any good cocktail ideals or are looking for the latest healthy recipe – drop us a note! Marco would love to know.


Social surgeon

You might think she is playing on her phone, but she spends her days making our Instagram and Facebook look beautiful, running our competitions and replying to your comments and questions.  When she is not staring at her phone ‘working’ you will find her pouring over delicious food recipes